Appendix 10-B
Advent House Letter

Dear Family,

We have been studying German culture. In that part of our study relating to the Christmas holiday, we have learned that families in the Black Forest made Advent Houses.

This is the story of the Advent House which your child has made to bring home. Starting on December 1st, with the entire family present, a window in the house is opened. Behind each window is a scene depicting some aspect of the Christmas season. The candle in the center of the house is lighted, and its light shines through the cellophane window.

On December 24th, Christmas Eve, the front door of the Advent House is opened to reveal a scene illustrating the night before Christmas.

The Advent House provides a wonderful opportunity for family gathering, discussion, and sharing the favorite songs and traditions of the Christmas season.

We hope you enjoy the Advent House with your family.



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Created: 31 August 1997, JAF
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