Brigadier General Richard W. Johnson issued Order No. 17
prohibiting the removal of souvenirs from the battlefield.
Microfilm 32nd Indiana Volunteer Infantry Correspondence,
Indiana State Archives, Commission on Public Records.


Head Quarters 4th Brigade
Camp Wood Dec. 17th 1861

No. 17}

     The attention of the General comd. the Brigade has been called to the fact that Arms, Equipments & belongs to the enemy and left by them upon the field have been taken possession of by men of regts. other than the 32nd Ind.

     The 32nd Indiana only having been engaged in the fight, the articles found on the field properly belong to them, and must be turned over at once to Col. Willich.

     The General comd. deems it only necessary to mention the fact that these articles are to be sold for the benefit of the widows and orphans of those slain in battle to secure a prompt compliance with this Order.

By order of
  Brig.Genl. Johnson

Hillary A. A. Gnl.

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