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Schnee House

Also called the Schnee-Ribeyre-Elliot House, this Victorian brick house was built by David Schnee in 1867, on the site of two Harmonist houses. Schnee, a saddle and harness maker, had made a fortune outfitting soldiers during the Civil War. Schnee sold the house in 1879 to Captain Alfred Ribeyre, a large scale-farmer. In 1925 the house was sold to Elmer Ellsworth Elliott of another prominent agricultural family, closely linked to New Harmony's early history. His daughter Helen left the house to Historic New Harmony.

Tillich Park

Located behind New Harmony's famous restaurant, the Red Geranium, is Tillich Park. It is named for the famous Protestant theologian and philosopher, Paul Johannes Tillich. Tillich was personally present when,in 1963, the peaceful pine grove was dedicated as a park, and gave an address: Estranged and Reunited: The New Being.

Tillich came to the U.S. with his family at the invitation of Reinhold Niebuhr, who was intellectually close to him. His first position was as a member of the faculty of Union Theological Seminary in New York. In 1954 he received a call from Harvard, and after 1962 he taught at the University of Chicago.

Born August 20, 1886 in Starzeddel, Brandenburg, Tillich died October 22, 1965 in Chicago. At his death his ashes were interred in Tillich Park. The stone marked with Tillich's birth and death dates indicate his burial place. Along the paths are granite stones carved with Tillich quotations by premier letterer Ralph Beyer. The bronze bust of Tillich is by sculptor James Rosati and was placed in Tillich Park by the Robert Lee Blaffer Trust, Pentecost of 1967.
Other Resources: Paul Johannes Tillich (1886-1965) theologian, Inscriptions in Paul Tillich Park

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