Appendix C
German Place Names

Indiana students found the following German Place Names on an Indiana Map:

Blocher, Elberfeld, Ferdinand, Foltz, Haubstadt, Heilman, Herbst, Herr, Heusler, Keller, Kinder, Kurtz, Leopold, Luther, New Otto, and Old Otto, Ober, Otterbein, Plattsburg, Rahm, Raub, St. Meinrad, St. Wendel, Stroh, Voltz, Weisburg, Weishaars, West Baden, Wirt.

They could also stop in Hanover, Bremen, Darmstadt, Metz, Munster, Switzerland County, or Vienna, and had a choice of two Hamburgs. Westphalia, New Alsace, Oldenburg, and Hessen Cassel relate to old German provinces. Martin Luther--whose 500th birthday was celebrated in 1983--is honored by the town of Luther, as is General von Steuben in Steubenville. We also have a Germantown located between Shelbyville and Greensburg.

Spelling changes: Krietsburg (Kreutzburg>, Leipsic (Leipzig), Millhousen (Mühlhausen), Moriah Hill (Maria Hilf), New Harmony (Neu Harmonie), New Frankfort (Frankfurt). Schererville, Schnellville, Speicherville, Steubenville, Stinesville (Steinsville), show a combination of German and French influence in name formation which is common in our multicultural nation.

Don Heinrich Tolzmann found the following German Place Names on an Ohio Map:

Bergholz, Berlin, Berlin Center, Berlin Heights, Berne, Bonn, Bremen, Brunswick, Dresden, Frankfurt, Geneva, Geneva on the Lake, Germantown (two locations), Glandorf, Gnadenhu(ü)tten, Hamburg (two locations), Hanover, Hanoverton, Humboldt, Landeck, Leipsic, Lindenwald, Lorain, Lower Salem, New Bavaria, New Bremen, New Germany, New Strasburg, Salem, Schoenabrunn, Steuben, Steubenville, Strausburg, Vienna, West Salem.

Now find German place names on your state map!

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