German Immigrant Culture in America

Syllabus 1994, rev. 1998

Dr. Peter C. Merrill, Retired Professor, Department of Languages and Linguistics, Florida, Atlantic University, Boca Raton, FL 33431

Edited and updated by Eberhard Reichmann, Max Kade German-American Center, Indianapolis, 1998. The original version of 1994 can be found on the DAAD Syllabi Data Base.

© Copyright Peter C. Merrill, 1994, 1998


Course Information

1. Course Objectives

2. Grades

3. Required Texts

4. Course Outline

5. Selective Bibliography of German-American Studies:

a) Bibliographies
b) General Surveys
c) History
d) Selected Regional Studies
e) Religious Groups
f) The German Language in America
g) The German-American Press
h) Immigrant Letters
i) Biography
j) German Names
k) German-American Genealogy
l) German-American Life, Clubs and Organizations


  1. German-American Studies: The Evolution of a Discipline

  2. German Settlement in Colonial America

  3. Two German Settlements in America: Salem, North Carolina and Hermann, Missouri

  4. The German Language in America

  5. German-Americans in Times of Stress: World War I and World War II

  6. German Refugee Intellectuals in America (1933-1945)

  7. Religious Denominations and Religious Communities in German-American Life: Catholics, Lutherans, Reformed Churches, Anabaptist Sects, Moravians, German Baptists, Church of the Brethren (Dunkers), Schwenkfelder Church, Jews, Ethical Culture Society, Freethinkers/Freidenker

  8. The Amish

  9. The Hutterites

  10. The Forty-Eighters

  11. Researching Your German Roots

  12. Leading German-Language Writers in 19th-Century America

  13. German-American Naive Artists

  14. German-American Clubs and Associations

  15. German Immigrant Contributions to American Music

  16. German and Austrian Filmmakers in Hollywood

  17. German-American Architects

  18. German-American Cabinetmakers

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