The Max Kade Foundation, named after the prominent German-American business man whose product ‘Pertussin’ is known throughout the country, provided a grant to the German Department of Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis to develop a research center for German-American Studies. . The mission of the Center is to support German American Studies through research, teaching, and service. German-American Studies is generally defined as the study of the German diaspora to America and its effect on American culture and society. The study of German-American relations in general also falls under the purview of the Center's activities

The Center provides the Indianapolis community, the state of Indiana, and the eastern area of the Mid-West with a center for conducting research into its German-American history and heritage.

The location of the Center in the Athenaeum at 401 East Michigan Street, Indianapolis recognizes the historic function of the Deutsches Haus-Athenaeum as a cultural center in Indianapolis. The building is located within walking distance from the center of town in the old "Germantown" section of Indianapolis.

The Center collaborates with the IUPUI University Library to develop and provide access to the University’s considerable collection of German-Americana.

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