German American Day Teaching Unit:
Quiz on German American Immigration

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I. Match the name on left with the accomplishment on the right.

1. David Zeisberger A. Movie star who left Nazi Germany for Hollywood
2. Francis Pastorius B. Rocket scientist who made moon-landing possible
3. Marlene Dietrich C. Compiled first grammar of American Indian languages
4. Albert Einstein D. Political cartoonist who first drew Santa Claus
5. Henry Kissinger E. Fur trader and richest man in America in his day
6. Albert Bierstadt F. Nobel Prize-winning physicist
7. Thomas Nast G. Artist who painted "The Oregon Trail"
8. Levi Strauss H. Won mile-stone case for "freedom of the press"
9. John Peter Zenger I. Builder of suspension bridges
10. Heinrich E. Steinweg J. Manufactured durable work clothing from denim
11. Walter Gropius K. Architect who designed New York's Pan Am Building
12. Wernher von Braun L. An early Republican Party leader
13. Johann A. Roebling M. First mayor of Germantown, Pennsylvania
14. John Jacob Astor N. Builder of world famous pianos and grand pianos
15. Carl Schurz O. Secretary of State under Presidents Nixon and Ford

II. Fill in blank with letter of the most appropriate response.

  1. The name of the ship on which the first group of German settlers arrived in America was
  2. Who established the first German settlement in Pennsylvania?
  3. Today the original Germantown settlement
  4. Which of the following statements about William Penn is NOT true?
  5. German-Americans came to the New World
  6. Which of the following is NOT a German-American invention?
  7. The modern-day Chicago skyline is directly attributable to
  8. Through the 18th century the largest number of German immigrants came from which German speaking region?
  9. Which water route was most typical for German-American emigrants leaving Germany for America?
  10. The primary reason German-Americans tended to anglicize their names and quit using the German language was anti-German sentiment during:

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