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Please read the following paragraph prior to giving this form to your recommender.  Ask the recommender to attach this form to the letter of recommendation when sending the letter of recommendation to the Max Kade Center.


The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 opens many student records for inspection by a student.  The law also permits the student to sign a waiver relinquishing his or her right to inspect letters of recommendation.  Your signature below constitutes a waiver; otherwise, you will have the right to read this recommendation.


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To the Recommender:

The above applicant has applied for an IUPUI Max Kade German-American Graduate Fellowship.  These fellowships are intended for students who intend to pursue an interest in German or German-American Studies in an appropriate field of study.


Please indicate why you believe the applicant is academically deserving of an IUPUI Max Kade German-American Graduate Fellowship in his/her pursuit of a graduate/professional degree.  You should also indicate whether you believe this applicant has the potential to succeed in graduate/professional school.


Please mail your recommendation to:


IUPUI Max Kade German-American Center
Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis
425 University Blvd. (CA 329)
Indianapolis, IN 46202 USA
Dr. Daniel Nützel
Director, Max Kade German-American Center
(317) 274-2330,